A Midsummer Nights Dream (1999)

While I was in high school on Shakespeare, I couldn’t believe how this movie was like the play as in this movie, were Stanley Tucci as Puck, Christian Bale as Demetrius, Rupert Everett as King Oberon, Dominic West as Lysander, and a cast of others in this love story by William Shakespeare.

On guys and girls that love each other, a love potion goes wrong on them as they get into a mixup. Then comes performers in which one turns into a donkey. A queen becomes fond of him before he returns as a human. Finally Puck fixes everything. King Oberon loving his queen, as the two guys and girls love each other the right way, as that performer was human again. And it was all a dream he said in the end.

I never wanted to talk about Christian Bale as we all know him, but I never who was Stanley Tucci until I now know him, thanks to the movie, “The Wind Rises” and “Transformers: Age of Extinction”. And other movies Stanley was in.

When I saw this, this is a 4/10 star movie. But I get the idea on Shakespeare.

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