47 Ronin

I’ve never seen Keanu Reeves as a samurai. Almost like the TV show “Samurai Jack” and it’s movie. This one was different. Ronin’s are failed samurai’s that do a bad job to their shogun emperors. Those that fail, get executed by themselves.

There was a fair maiden taken by a bad emperor and a awful witch. Keanu as a leader and 46 failed samurai’s traveled far to stop that witch. She can transform into any type of monster or animal there is. You can tell she’s a witch by her colored eyelids. Defeating the emperor and that awful witch, 46 were executed as one was saved.

Japan was a lot different in that time of area, as shoguns are very grumpy and hateful. They hate they way people fail. So after the execution, the narrator said that every time in December, people all over the world come to Japan on this holiday event to celebrate the 47 Ronin.

This movie I rate, 5/10 stars. Good though, but don’t like the way shoguns were.

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