Neighbors (2013 movie)

Seth Rogen and Zac Efron played together as rivalry neighbors in this comedy movie, “Neighbors”. This was a 6/10 movie. A straight “B” somehow. For a moment, I though this would be like that bad movie, “Noah” but I was so glad this made it through.

About a couple with a baby daughter are up against a fight with teenagers that love to party loud at night as they need them to leave the neighborhood for good. They party all night, drinking booze, smoking weed, pissing as they love to suck dicks, and finally weren’t supposed to do that, while they were a part of a university!

The hilarious part was that how the teenagers, stole four airbags as they placed it in seats! Seth and a friend would sit on one under a chair and just bounce in the air, even up on the ceiling! The two were at work, as there was two more at home! A stunt like that can be dangerous, so never ever do this at home!

Things did went awry as the mother’s breasts were infected with alcohol. That was gross. Never let women breast feed your kids that way! That is how you should not let one, do that because something like that could affect your kids. Maybe even kill them.

The end made it terrific for them as they had a last stand, as they were moved away from the neighborhood for good. Four months have passed, as they felt much better with peace and quiet.

They did see that boy again once, as he got a new job. In this than besides Seth and Zac, were Dave Franco, Andy Samberg in a cameo, and Christopher Mintz Plasse. This is something, you would not want to do this at home ever, even while taking care of your newborn children.

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