Inuyasha (TV series and Final Act)

I saw this on YTV Canada with my own two eyes. Back in the glory days when YTV accepted anime TV shows and anime movies. I watched this anime TV show every night at around 9 pm, after watching ‘Dragon Ball’ from Mondays to Fridays. And after that, ‘Mystery Hunters’.

From those manga books, episodes of the original series, and four movies, to the Final Act, it makes the while story.

In Feudal Japan long ago, came the most tragic love story of destiny. A priestess name Kikyo, who fell in love with a half human, half dog demon named InuYasha. And they were meant to be together no matter what occurs. Unfortunately, a demonic madman named Naraku ruined their lives. And died in tragedy.

Kagome, a high school student, who looks like Kikyo was pulled into a well by a bug demon. From the present day Tokyo to Feudal Japan, she met InuYasha. And contained a jewel that all demons in Feudal Japan were after. The Shikon Jewel. Or in other words, ‘The Jewel of Four Souls’.

By accident that she did, it was shattered into shards and were spread all across Japan. And was gonna take a long time to grab all the shards, and make the jewel whole again. During this quest, on finding those jewel shards, they met some companions and joined Kagome and InuYasha. Demon slayer Sango, with her fiery cat Kirara, a funny fox kid named Shippo, and that clever, perverted monk Miroku.

All were after the demonic madman who ruined InuYasha’s life. Naraku. Before he could get more of the shards. By facing every companion he had, to InuYasha’s jealousy brother Sesshomaru, and that wolf boy Koga, they were able to unlock secrets of their life, InuYasha’s life story, how much they loved each other, until they got to the four movies, and ‘The Final Act’ in the end.

“InuYasha: The Final Act” was when Naraku’s final companions fight to the death. No prisoners taken. But to some who were kind hearted, wanted to be free anyway. Such as that wind sorceress Kagura, her sister Kanna, and Sango’s younger brother who was brainwashed by Naraku. All were glad to be free, but he wanted more the most, was the Shikon Jewel. For it became whole again.

However, when Naraku was defeated, the Shikon Jewel was disappeared forever. And no demon will ever find on such a jewel that can give such power. After that, Miroku and Sango got married and had three children. Two twin daughters and a boy. Kagome just in time, made it to her graduation. Back in her own time in Tokyo, Japan when she graduated from high school. She wanted head off to college, but she had found something better in life.


With the voice talents of Richard Ian Cox, Moneca Stori, Kirby Morrow, Kelly Sheridan, Jillian Michaels, Willow Johnson, David Kaye, Matt Hill, Brenna O’Brien, Scott McNeil, Natalie Walters, Terry Klassen, and more, they were able to complete this. However, Moneca Stori who originally played Kagome, Kira Tozer took her place in ‘The Final Act’. By the time all this came to an end.

What I love on Moneca Stori as Kagome, are those funny moments throughout those episodes. InuYasha wears a necklace, as it makes him hit the ground hard. It works when she says ‘Sit Boy!’ or ‘Sit!’.

For this successful anime TV series, and ‘The Final Act’, 10/10 stars. And I’m proud for how InuYasha did.




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