Billy Varga (1919-2013)

Once, a professional wrestler, Navy veteran and film actor, was okay in a few roles of films, TV shows and movies. Born on January 10th, 1919, until his death in January 11th, 2013, at 94 years old, after his birthday, had a smile upon him as he had a happy life.

This guy’s name was Billy Varga. He did professional wrestling in Europe and America, later joined the Navy until 1947, (possibly WWII) as he happened in some movies. Since he had a wife, three sons and five grandchildren, he had suffered the Alziemers disease in 2005 until 2013.

But besides that, in the first few scenes of “Abbott and Costello: Meet the Keystone Kops”, he made his appearance as a tough man. Whenever Lou acts something dramatic like if he was a son, and Bud was a bad father, he’d come out, see this dramatic scene and beat the heck out of Bud Abbott! Two times he did! By beating him and throwing him to smash flowerpots! Man, he was tough! Now Bud Abbott has learned his lesson from that moment on since Lou had enough of him, pushing him around and spoiling something.

Although he died at 94, but it was a good time for him to go to heaven. He would’ve been like the actor who died at almost 100 years old. Eli Wallach.



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