Princess Mononoke

Better than “Teen Wolf” and “Teen Wolf Too”, was this hit masterpiece. From Studio Ghibli that made “My Neighbor Totoro” and “Spirited Away” was their third hit masterpiece that reached theaters before “Saving Private Ryan”.

In ancient Japan, pig monsters had become big, gigantic, bloody, as it was for the forest that they live in. They can be possessed as they are dangerous. Even one attacked a town and died. To the killer that killed it, an archer had become cursed with a wound. He had to go away for a while from his hometown, and find a cure for his arm or he’ll die.

Riding on a elk deer, he goes far. Along the way, a colony was at war against a forest god. The only problem was the pests. You see, most places have flies, and mosquitoes. But they faced gigantic pigs and boars. Besides that, that are remarkable are giant white wolves!

So white, their fur is like snow as they are bigger and better than any other beast there was. There were two that were bigger than a human that one can ride on, as their mother the biggest, was the big one! She even raised a human child to be with them as they were protectors of the Forest.

When the archer had saved two men from ambush as he brought them back to the colony. The girls who were working there hard find this guy attractive. Even when they like his strength very powerful.

By the time he rescued that wolf girl, he got shot as she helped him get well.

From the Forest god, he was healed again as San, the wolf warrior helped him. She even had to shoved meat through his mouth by her mouth. Like if she was kissing.

The pigs never liked the colony humans as they declared a final battle on them. Even when there was the final conflict. And after saving her and the Forest god, there was a green explosion as the forest became better than ever. Even when the mark was gone on the archer’s hand.

It made a terrific end as they will be together and see each other again.

The wolf girl known as San was voiced by Claire Danes! Never than before! As there was Jada Pinkitt Smith as the voice of one of the attractive working women, Billy Crudup as the archer, Minnie Driver as the voice of the leader of the colony, Billy Bob Thornton as the voice of a monk, and Gillian Anderson as the voice of the adopted wolf mother.

This is way better and adventurous than the two “Teen Wolf” movies. And like what I said a long time ago, San’s eyes are as silver as the moon. Even for Claire Danes for when she was young.

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