The Secret World of Arrietty

Based on the book “The Borrowers”, from Studio Ghibli, this movie reached the movie theaters as this was a smashing friendship story.

When a boy was spending the weekend, at his mother’s place before his heart operation, he once believed his mother’s story about little people who lived under the floors. And there were in that own home! The Clocks. (Whenever they say ‘bean’ they mean human)

There was Arrietty, and her parents who were living there. On Arrietty’s first borrowing night, she was seen by the boy! He wanted to help her, and didn’t want to hurt them, but borrowers always get worried as they leave somewhere else. But when the maid became so obsessed in this, she wanted to catch them!

So a friendship happened as they worked together to make things possible. They did as they had to say goodbye when she and her family had to leave. But their hearts will remain strong as they’ll move on.

Bridget Mendler plays the voice of Arrietty, as there was the boy voiced by David Henrie, Amy Poehler as the worried mother, Will Arnett as the strong father, and Carol Burnett as the crazy maid. 10/10 stars on this hit Studio Ghibli movie!!

Oh, and one last thing. The furry cat became very kind to her so much, it never ate her like if she’s a mouse. That would never happen.







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