The Ripping Friends

I once watched this on Teletoon when I was little at night after elementary school as I last watched this on TV on a DVD thanks to a friend. Whenever their is manliness, these guys show up as funny cartoon superheroes by Spumco. Their best quote, “It’s Ripping Time!”

The Ripping Friends are four manly superheroes that protect the Earth as they live in a metropolis city to watch out for evil. They took out a ingestible wad, flatworms that take out peoples spines, a friction master monster, a evil atomic pair of shorts, a chicken that can lay any type of eggs, a magician to make one under a spell, a Batman and Robin spoof duo named ‘Manman and Boyboy’ (in which Boyboy is played by Michael Cera), A European madman but also a stinky character, and a guy who had a giant finger in his chest!

After their adventure, before the credits, they want the kids to rip along with them. One of them can do the mission. With their turn, one of them took put a pain machine, a guy who swallows in his neck, a mathematical problem with hot dogs and buns, a giant fat pussycat, a manual madman, two guys that stole toys after Christmas, and a big bear who teases a girl the opposite way.

Whenever the kids want to rip along, they would grab some newspapers or spare papers, and when they yell “It’s ripping time!”, they tear their paper to bits.

For the heroes, their names were Craig, Slab, Rip and Chunk. And this TV show only had 13 episodes in one season before and after 9/11. Since the last one, “The Infernal Wedding” was the last episode, it was the series finale that ever ended this.

This TV show was cancelled after that as Teletoon moved on. They have been rare in DVD’s and sometimes on YouTube. Hopefully, they are to be never deleted. But this show was totally hilarious!!

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