Rear Window

This was my first Alfred Hitchcock movie I ever saw, with a happy ending! “Rear Window” starring James Stewart.

When a photographer stays home due to a broken leg after an accident, he spends his time sitting in his apartment relaxing as he looks out the window. Watching some neighbors. But when one neighbor in a apartment is making some scenes, they think he was murdering his wife. With the help of his girlfriend and nurse, they take on that neighbor as they need to find out this mystery.

By the time they did, they found out that he actually did it! The whole neighborhood of apartments saw for what was happening as the police took him away. The photographer known as L.B. Jeffries was glad he was alive in one piece, and how he survived when he almost died by falling out of the window. There he sleeps, happily on his wheelchair beside the window in his apartment, with two broken legs. This is a straight “A” movie. Thank you Alfred Hitchcock, for making this movie.

And James Stewart, you were amazing!

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