Porco Rosso

I’ve never seen Michael Keaton as a pig pilot since he played Batman. From Studio Ghibli, by Hayao Miyazaki, freedom, flight and adventure happens to this character.

After WWI, a pilot had a curse on him after that. He can be human at some point, but mostly a pig man. He’s also a bounty hunter as he rescued schoolgirls from pirates. As there can be many planes, there was a lady he fell in love with since childhood.

With the help of a mechanic girl named Fio, a contest was on to see which pilot was better and who can win Fio and that lady’s heart.

After that, he became a human again when a kiss happened. Many people had went on after that, during the Roaring 20’s. To Porco and that woman named Gina, they had a secret marriage as they ran off. Flying in the sky, in his plane.

In this movie on the voice talents, besides Michael Keaton were Cary Elwes, Kimblery Williams Paisley, and Susan Egan. 10/10 stars on this hit Studio Ghibli movie!!

Porco_Rosso_10_1024x768  20140914-180503.jpg


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