My Neighbor Totoro

Dakota Fanning and her sister, Elle Fanning. I’ve never seen them young in a sister act as they were in the first movies of Studio Ghibli. From the director who made “Nausicaa of the Valley of the Wind”, Hayao Miyazaki, created this movie on the studio logo title as he made the character, Totoro.

Two sisters and their father moved into a new home, in the Japanese countryside, as their mother was under the weather. She needed to rest for a few days in the hospital.

While they were exploring, they ran into little mythical creatures as the big guy, was Totoro. A forest god creature that protects the trees. He even plays those mug bugle horns at night when the wind rises.

When they met Totoro at a bus stop, they gave him an umbrella as a present. He grew very fond of using it. Then came a big cat bus that was furry, had lots of legs, and can roar like Totoro. They met him again the next night, when they made tree plants grow. And the way they did it, they were bigger than the ones in “Avatar”. After that, they flew in the air with him, by riding on his furry stomach. And can roar like him too. They even played the horns Totoro plays with.

But when the mother fainted at the hospital, the youngest sister ran away to get her, as the middle sister had to find her. With the help of Totoro, and the cat bus, they found her as they were glad their mother was alright. While the credits role, their mother return to them and they were happy again. They had great times together, as they loved their neighbor Totoro.

Dakota played the middle sister, as Elle played the youngest sister. The parents were played by Tim Daly and Lea Salonga. For what I saw in this, 10/10 stars!! Remember, seeing is believing.





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