Kiki’s Delivery Service

I’ve never seen Kirsten Dunst since “Spider-Man”, play as a young girl in this hit Studio Ghibli movie! The way she did it, she was magnificent! She plays the voice of Kiki, a young witch girl who doesn’t do magic. Only on a broomstick in which she can fly. And she even has a talking cat named Jiji.

The movie began, when she decided to move on and live her dream in a city close to the sea. She got there by flying a few km, and slept in a cattle fright train on the way until she was woken up by the cows.

She found a perfect home, decided to live at a room and board over a bakery house. There was a woman who was impressed with her.

Even a Waldo boy was impressed in her too! So starting to enjoy her life in the city, she started to plan a business for herself. A delivery service.

Along the way on her first delivery and her third, she met an artist on crows, and an old woman who’s played by Debbie Reynolds! No one has heard her voice since “Singin’ in the Rain”!

So time went on until Kiki met this Waldo boy. His name was Tombo and he was inventor on flight mechanics. He even built a fast bike with a propeller on it!

So after a bike ride, Kiki felt exhausted as she realized she lost her powers to fly. And accidentally broke her broomstick. She had to lay low for a while until her powers came back just in time to save Tombo when a dirigible when out of control. She became a hero after that. Everyone loved her when the credits role. Even her cat fell in love with a white cat as they had kittens. So writing a letter to her parents about everything, she decided to make her city her home.

Also the voices than besides Kirsten and Debbie were Phil Hartman as the voice of Jiji, Tress MacNeille as the voice of Osono, Matthew Lawrence as the voice of Tombo, Janeane Garofalo as the voice of the artist, Brad Garrett as the voice of the baker, and finally, Kath Soucie and Jeff Bennett as the voices of Kiki’s mom and dad.

From Hayao Miyazaki and the studio that brought us “Castle in the Sky” and “My Neighbor Totoro”, this is a “A+++” movie!!

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