Inuyasha 3 The Movie: Swords of an Honorable Ruler

Since I watched the TV series of Inuyasha and the opening scene of “Inuyasha 2 The Movie: The Castle Beyond the Looking Glass” on YTV for the very first time, I even watch this third movie on DVD and YouTube during Christmas!

Since I watched a trailer on TV on the DVD release date, I knew there was something on that dog demon. And I did.

Once in a winters eve in late Japan, when the snow fell and the waves were on the beaches, before his sinister brother Sesshomaru went away and was never seen, Inuyasha’s father knew there was something wrong. As a dog demon, he was like a dog beast as he was bleeding. He rescued his lost love which was Inuyasha’s mother as she gave birth to Inuyasha.

With the two swords, Tenseiga and Tessaiga, he cut off an enemy’s arm as they made a last fight to the death. But with a third sword for the both of them, they fought until they were dead when the village was burned to the ground. Inuyasha’s mother watched as he died as her infant baby Inuyasha was scared.

Years have went by. And between the time area and today’s Japan, the third sword had cursed Inuyasha as he became a sinister beast with his red eyes, scars on his face and white fangs on his teeth.

Attacking a village being possessed, they know for what was wrong with him. The curse of that sword. Even Inuyasha’s father’s enemy was resurrected as he was more treacherous than ever. He grew a horn on his head, violet scales, fangs on his teeth, red hair and eyes, as he was a sinister demon beast. He had the sword that possessed Inuyasha as he started to create an army of darkness!

With Inuyasha, Kagome, Sango, Miroku, Shippo, Kirara, Sesshomaru, Rin, Jaken, Totosai, his weird bull, a ghost, and Ah-Un working together, they are in a battle for swords of an honorable ruler as they were just like in “Army of Darkness”!!

I’ve never seen Kagome and Rin work together when they were taking on that sinister lord. They were in trouble when Sesshomaru came to the rescue. He dealt with him and so did Inuyasha later. Taking on the army of the dead, Miroku would use his wind tunnel and martial arts, Sango using her giant boomerang, and with the help of firepower from Kirara. Shippo, Jaken, and Totosai’s bull with firepower too, as they were so many. Rin and Kagome did had to work together at that time, as I’ve never seen them that look alike.

At that moment in the end when a explosion did, there was nothing but a human arm. The one that Sesshomaru lost that looked like. It had a terrific end as I would see it. There are 3 more movies in the Inuyasha saga before the final act. For a pass, 10/10 stars!! An ‘A++”!! 🙂

And the best part about the movie? (Look below)

Kagome and me, Owen: “Sit boy!”





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