Wolf Children- “A++”

“Wolf Children” was an A++ movie! Like “The Wind Rises”, from the director who made “Summer Wars” and “The Girl Who Leapt Through Time”, Mamoru Hosoda, this shows about full responsibility and where people need to know where they belong.

Since Hana, the girl who became a mother after she married a Wolfman, she gave birth to two children. A daughter and a boy as they become wolves also. When the city was too much, they decide to move into the Japanese countryside. And they did, with the help of neighbors once they moved in. The children had to be human than being a werewolf, which was why it showed a bright ending that I saw than ever. Yuki the daughter, and Ame the boy learned a valuable lesson after that. They need to know the place where they belong.

Even for their mother, who felt very proud of herself taking care of these children. I feel like if their father, the Wolfman was there with them, I teach them all how to dance, while I play the song from “Whisper of the Heart”, “Country Road”. It will be a true ending to anime movies, with a bit of loving music.

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