Howl’s Moving Castle

Like “From Up on Poppy Hill” on anime girls on their looks than besides being the best and raising flags, beauty is what you see on movies and TV. And that was when one and a man had been cursed.

Sophie a girl, was a hatter. Who makes and designs hats. They way I see her, she has that braid like the Umi character in “From Up on Poppy Hill”. She was like that normal when he met a spirited man. They walked while flying over her town as a fat witch was looking for him. She had a curse after that, when she was turned into a 90 year old woman which is gross when you see the look. She wanted to look for this person named Howl as she met some friends there, and along the way. There was a scarecrow who jumps around, never talks, a boy who changes into an old man, as there was a fire demon spirit who keeps going if needed on fire.

Why he had a moving castle was that it goes places. One town they were there, another one, and back to their own. His moving castle was a mechanical droid walker as it need to be cleaned. At some point at night, she was young, and at day, old.

But when a war was going on, they had to think deep as they looked into the past for what was wrong. Howl became a spirited man was that as a boy, he gave his soul to a wish as he wanted to be new. But when he did and as of now, he can changed into a black bird man. When they think deep and with the help of that fat witch, they broke this curse before the castle collapsed. All was over as the fire demon was set free, how the boy was normal, how the scarecrow was a prince who was missing, and how the fat witch was now an old lady. She deserved that when the war was over.

The movie ended with a flying castle now as they were happy. Even Sophie got a new look with silver hair better than ever, as she got a new dress than that blue dress she wore as an old woman. Sophie wore a white floppy hat, wearing yellow clothes as he and Howl as free humans, were in love as they kissed.

Hayao Miyazaki directed this movie in 2004. Those years before his retirement. Christian Bale was Howl, Josh Hutcherson as a young boy played that boy in the movie, as Sophie was played by Emily Mortimer, the witch played by Lauren Bacall in that time, 10 years before her death, Crispin Freeman as the prince man, and finally the fire demon played by Billy Crystal. This was based on a book, as this is another one of those hit Studio Ghibli classics.



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