Wolf Children

Anime/manga movies. We all love those more than ever when you watch some cartoons. Some can be good, but anime/manga can be more cool than you think. Which was why there was this movie I was surprised and interested like “The Wind Rises”.

Do you ever believe in werewolves? That go into a trance on being a human and a wolf? This maybe a fairy tale, based on a book like the volumes of “Naruto” and “Inuyasha”, but way more spectacular than I saw.

This movie is about a girl, who was a university student in Tokyo, before she became a mother. She was curious of this one teenager boy who wasn’t a student there at all. Dealing with their issues, on living a home and having a family, they started to love. She loved him, and she loved her. But one winters night, when the snow fell and the cold wind blew, on a special date, she realized, her boyfriend was a wolfman! He can be a man, a complete wolf, or a wolfman whatever he feels like. She wanted him no matter what.

Somehow this movie should say, that after a secret marriage, she became pregnant as she gave birth to two children in their own apartment. It was a winters night when they had a baby daughter and a rainy spring when she gave birth to a boy. This movie should say, that things might start to change.

The wolfman had been missing for days. But when she found him, he was a dead animal. Attacked and killed, dead with his eyes open, he was a dead wolf for sure when sone men took her furry wolf boyfriend away. The movie went on for her, as it was hard for a mother to take care of wolf children. They can be wolf cubs whatever they want in their home. That was when things might start to change, the mother and her children move to a new home in the Japanese countryside.

This movie might sound interesting, since “The Wind Rises”, but no matter what it takes, movies and TV shows like this one can have a second chance for North America.

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