Secondhand Lions

Remember the actor that played the robot, David in “A.I. Artificial Intelligence”, who also played Forrest Gump Jr. in “Forrest Gump” with Tom Hanks, and happened to be in “The Country Bears”? His name is Haley Joel Osment and after all the stuff he’d been in, he was in a movie where trust, hope, passion, and mercy are all together. He was with Robert Duvall and Michael Caine as a teenager.

This movie began as he plays a boy who was sent to Texas in the countryside by his irresponsible and dishonest mother, to spend time with his uncles on a farm. His mother was a bachelor drug dealer who wanted money and much more for what can she find. She didn’t realize for what she was doing to her son. She didn’t even gave her toothpaste and dental floss when he had only a toothbrush!

For the first few days, he realizes they had no telephones or TV. This was old school. And every time they were business people, the uncles just load up their shotguns, and shoot them to scare them off. He ran off from there, trying to call his mother by pay phone at a nearby store, but she wasn’t there and how she just left him. Abandoned and alone, he was sad at that moment and didn’t know what to do. His uncle just saw him, as the second played by Michael Caine convinces him as he brought him home.

He helped them out by giving them a clay pigeon launcher by a shooting businessman as they liked it. When they bought a female lioness, they didn’t kill it, but the boy kept it. Keeping a lioness is totally awesome and new! How you can dance to them, play with them, like in “The Lion King” maybe, and keep them as your pet. This is how you do it since Christian the lion!

When he named her Jasmine, there was grief in one of the uncles. He was a soldier in WWI, WWII, and in the French Foreign Legion as he loved a woman named Jasmine. Despite after marriage to this woman, she died after he joined another war. When these two uncles realize what’s it like to become something new that they like it, they become more happier than ever thanks to the boy.

Then came a night in which his irresponsible mother came to get him, as he had a boyfriend in which they think the uncles are bank robbers. There was some money they stole a long time ago, as they didn’t tell him that. Fighting getting beaten up, the lioness attacked and mauled her boyfriend as the uncles were awaken. The lioness died of old age after attacking his mothers boyfriend.

On the day he had to leave, sick and tired after being pushed around by mother, he decides to live with his uncles forever in his life. His mother felt very sad and ashamed after all the things she did to him. The boy became a man now as he moved on. He became a cartoonist on a comic strip based on his life, even the lioness, “Walter and Jasmine”.

When his uncles died in a biplane crash, the farm was forgotten ever since. As they deal with a few people there including a sahara business man with his son, they asked if they really lived. And they did. In the credits in which I saw was fascinating, is how he did stuff as a cartoonist when he deals with that. That is how I want to try, even when I got accepted into Algonquin College in Pre-Animation.

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