The Curse of King Tut’s Tomb

Casper Van Dien before he returned in “Starship Troopers 3: Marauder”, he was with Johnathan Hyde and Malcolm McDowall in a mummy movie in which was in two parts, as they take on the tomb of King Tut.

For years in Egypt, King Tut had a curse on him as he died when he was a young king. If someone did, would unleash demons from the underworld. Until some people did. With a emerald tablet into pieces that if are together, can unleash these creatures from the underworld and bring chaotic upon this Earth. Between an expedition group and a secret organization, they quest for the tomb of this mummy as Casper Van Dien, spend the entire days digging holes like if he was Stanley Yelnats in “Holes”.

In one of his holes he was digging, he found the mask of King Tut! It must worth millions to do that. By the time they had to work together, they were in the underworld! Thousands have died as some were eaten by a giant cobra. Only two made it out, as this was forgotten. But they were back in the real world with their friends who have died. But not the bad guys. They were just dead.

Malcolm learned his lesson in this one on believing in curses since he was ‘cured alright’. He said that in “A Clockwork Orange”. And Jonathan Hyde? Let’s just say his body got sucked dry by a demon as it was the same thing for him, when he died when his body was sucked dry, by the mummy, Imhotep himself! Arnold Vosloo.

After giving the map to Howard Carter, he was the real archeologist who found the tomb of King Tut himself than them! He may have been ill by the curse, like all curses, but let’s just say Egypt, has it’s ancient secret.

This is rate, 4/10 stars. Good, but not so good.

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