The Boy (TV show)


Since YTV had once really good upcoming TV shows like “My Life as Teenage Robot”, “Urban Vermin”, “Growing Up Creepie”, “Will and Dewitt”, “Martin Mystery”, and more, this one I was very interested more than ever like the tv show, “Sagwa, the Chinese Siamese Cat”.

Once in elementary school, Canadian kids are the same while one is a spy! Toby Goodwin. Special agent student, boy genius! With his partner, Bob Saint-Vincent, they work almost like the FBI, but called the IFP. The International Federation for Peace. Trained with gadgets, Toby can do super sonic yo-yo’s! Such as original ones he could through, one which could be a jet engine on a sled, one in which makes a very loud sound that makes the dogs get scared, and more for what he might have.

In two seasons and 26 episodes all together, they save the world from villains. How they get there is how they are in scuba suits wearing oxygen masks, as they are in transport orb balls filled with water as they are launched from a cannons as they head to anywhere in the world. Then their orb lands to their destination as they come out when the door pops open.

While other kids go to school, they get to save the world. If only that TV show was back in business.

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