The Beverly Hillbillies (TV show)

When there was a movie in 1993 about hillbillies moving to Beverly Hills after being rich, this was the original TV show in the 60’s that started it all. Hillbillies in Tennessee in a forest found and struck a lake of oil as they struck on being rich. They start to move to a mansion in Beverly Hills, California as they took a old pioneer truck of everyone with their stuff as they start to like it there.

They were born in those hills as they need to know more on being a millionaire. Even in their home on cooking, swimming, laundry, bath, the stairs, the kitchen and everything they would know on living there.

They are like the Foghorn Leghorn maybe, but they have their ways. I guess hillbillies would know more on being rich. But this TV series is not bad since my dad got a Vol. 1 DVD. There will be more to find for my dad, even if I had to find the original “Lone Ranger” or “Cisco Kid” before his birthday!

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