Old School

Luke Wilson, Vince Vaughn and Will Ferrell, after an early flight trip back home, they take on college with members of their team. 30 year old guys and men take on college as they are onto parties, schemes, wrestling and passing grades such as exams, gym dancing, gymnastics, and more to prove themselves amazing.

The funny scenes were that how Will Ferrell can be called “Frank the Tank”, going streaking naked, as he takes on a lady man homosexual, as there was a 100 year old man who died of old age named Blue in which he was his ‘boy blue’, as Will got on fire in a mascot outfit, and was shot in the neck with a tranquilizer gun. Sean William Scott saw that happened. There is more, but I cannot tell because of the way they are hilarious!

During the movie, there was Elisha Cuthbert from “Popular Mechanics for Kids”! She was with Tyler Kyte, and Jay Barauchel years before Jay was with Seth in “This is the End”. Jay and Elisha were young in that TV show, as they moved on as she was in this, and Jay with Seth in “This is The End”.

The movie ended as they moved on after college. It was a smash hit! 8/10 stars foe this!

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