We all know it’s that time of year on ‘back to school’. But when you’re a college student, you have to have the place where you belong. And that’s what happened to Justin Long when he was a college student.

After graduating from high school, and didn’t get accepted into college, the same as some of his friends didn’t, he was in shame until he made his own fake college. By using the Internet, an old location and making it new, he called it the South Harmon Institute of Technology. Or S.H.I.T. for short.

As he got accepted into that on making it fake, it was his own place to chill when there were thousands of students who got accepted into his college! There were those college students who didn’t get accepted into anywhere as they got accepted into the S.H.I.T. They want to learn about girls, fun, music, hip hop as one student played by Jeremy Howard wanted to blow stuff up with his mind!

This was also, one or Jonah Hill’s early movies as he was a young actor like Justin. After this secret hideout was found and were placed in court, this was now a true college as people get to learn stuff there as some of his friends became teachers. This is a 7/10 star movie.

PLUS, with a mean principal who was shocked to see his car blow up, thanks to that freaky student!

“I told you”

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