The Phantom of the Opera (1943)

Since the classic play, of a theater of plays being haunted by phantom, this is way more classic than the 2004 version. Starring Claude Rains as a violinist once, who becomes the phantom after being mad because of his song he made that they stole, as he was hit in the face by acid that make photos appear.

Throughout the movie, French actors, actresses and a famous actress in many plays have been the best of the best in all of France in that opera theater. With a police officer falling in love with that famous actress along with her performer too in love, they have the same affection on that woman as rumors were spread everywhere.

The mysterious phantom stealing things like a statue of that actress, as he plans revenge. Like putting poison in a drink, cutting one of the chains to make the big gigantic chandelier fall, murdering some actors and actresses as he wanted that actress more than ever.

He had a lair in the sewers as his face was reviled. His face had a big scar from the acid that spilled on him as he was like a Two-Face. Before a fight was on, the sewers started to crumble as they fell upon him as he died while the actress and the two boyfriends escaped.

This is a 7/10 movie alright. Better than the 2004 version.

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