Public Enemies

In this 5/10 star movie I give, this has been the gangster movie about weaponry, truth, crime and thriller. Starring Johnny Depp, Christian Bale and Stephen Lang is all I know in this movie. Set foot in 1933 during the Great Depression, a leader leads a gangster squad as he and his men takes on the golden age of crime. Robbing banks, stealing money and go into gunfights everywhere in this movie with Thompson submachine guns, shotguns, BAR’s, machine pistols and handguns. For the Thompson submachine guns, 20 rounds for a stick magazine, 50 rounds for a drum.

With J. Edgar Hoover of the FBI, he sends a marksman agent to find him and bring him to justice. As that gangster leader would escape, he’d have criminals to trust him as they would escape prisons armed and dangerous. With his team assembled, they’d go around places such as Chicago, Indiana, and somewhere in the countryside maybe close to Indianapolis. By the time he was losing his love and men one by one, the gangster leader was leaving the movie theater on his last night. When they saw him in sight, he was shot through his face on one of his cheeks! As what people say,”Two hearts, one mind”. Let’s just say it was ‘Public enemies, two rivals, one bullet’.

Also, Giovanni Ribsi and Channing Tatum made a cameo appearances as gangsters too.

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