Starring Arnold Schwarzenegger, Sam Worthington and Terrance Howard, this is when a couple of commando’s are going from sabotage to betrayal. When they were on missions on cash for money, mercenaries have murdered the leader’s family as they are on a hunt for them. But one by one, they were all getting killed because of this sabotage.

After solving the truth, they found out who was the leader. With a female commando on their team, she was the one who was betraying them and sabotaging. She stabbed them, killed them in a car accident, drowned them, place a guys RV in a train crossing, as she nailed some and ripped their guts out up on the ceiling!

This was a pure bloodbath as she got killed by the leader who was pissed at her. Then suddenly, he vanished. He rode a plane all the way to Mexico as he took on Mexican mercenaries who wished that partner to kill his team.

A pure bloodbath this was when a female cop slipped on blood and looked up. This is a movie with 7/10 stars, way more intense than “The Walking Dead”. The one thing in this, mayhem. If you want to vision a pure bloodbath than ever in this movie, imagine, people swimming in pure blood as this as they are covered by that red liquid. Some would scream in horror and gasp to it, as this was like this since “Carrie” and Moses who turned water into pure blood in one of the Ten Plagues of Egypt. Vampires would love to swim in that, as Wes Craven, John Carpenter or any horror film movie director would love to see this. You’d be bloody all over as you need to wash off.


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