Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles III

When I first watched the first two movies, I get their origin on how they were born, how Master Splinter’s human master got killed and how he lost a part of his ear. They were in the sewers away from the surface world as they had to find abandoned train station as their new home since they lost theirs. And with Shredder’s clan of teenagers as ninjas, I do not like the way that they are like flies and how their second in command is a tough one. As far as I saw in those two movies, Shredder was too much on everything as he wanted to know, especially when he wanted to find out about the secret of the ooze that lead to mutation.

He became too much when he drank a vile of that stuff, as he was a super Shredder. I hated the way he was too powerful, too muscular, and too much blades on his helmet and body armor. He died when he was taking the dock apart. That is how I hated those two movies I’m starting to think. The cool part was that it had a cameo appearance of Vanilla Ice himself in the second movie. But only the critic knows best.

Finally, this third one I’m talking about, like my brothers I agree to with, the third one is the best of the best than ever. I remember we used to watch this when we were little, as we sat on our parents bed in the mornings on a cloudy rainy day, rolling around as we watched it, along with two more movies that we thought was interesting. “Princess Mononoke” and “First Knight”.

Taking place in the station and NY in 1993, and mostly 1601 Japan, a ancient scepter can open the gates of time. That was when April swapped places between her and a prince as he was in their time, and she was in his time! The people think that she is a witch in Ancient Japan. But at this time, English colonists came to Japan to make a trade with them. This lead to the four greatest turtles ever to save their friend, and go down in history.

This is the greatest movie since “The Last Samurai”! 10/10 stars for this movie!

In 1601 Japan, a revolution was there between the royal emperor and a rebellion of fighters as they wanted freedom. But with the colonists, they wanted to help if they trade their gold, clothing and etc for the weaponry they had. Muskets, rifles, cannons, and firepower. It made a terrific end as our turtles went back and the prince made it back to his own time.

I think for a 3 movie marathon reunion, there would be this, “Princess Mononoke” and “First Knight”. Japan in this movie is what I inspire on the kites the kids fly with, clothing and shoes people wear, art that’s fascinating, archery they use, and all that leads to today’s Japan as we know everything that they do today. Especially the animation they do to TV shows and movies that are lead to North America, and are in english dubbed. The version where they speak English as American and Canadian actors take the role.

In conclusion, this is a movie to remember as I give this 10/10 stars! The best of the best that no one has ever made. Japan is just fascinating on that time area, and samurai’s. Just like “Inuyasha”.

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