Terminator Salvation (arcade game)

This is a hot smash arcade game from the “Terminator” series. And on the day I went to go see that new TMNT movie, in 2014, I finally beated that game!

With two missions, eight levels, four levels on one mission, inserted 3 tokens per in a play for that game, I played the entire game with $13 dollars on those tokens to make it through. I had to face those T-600’s, rocket missiles, aerostats, spider Terminators, small plasma guns, mechanical serpents, cyborg bugs, T1’s, moto-Terminators, two Hunter Killer tanks, ariel Hunter Killers, and two giant Harvesters as I am a David taking on two Goliath’s. And of course, I had to shoot at objects such as bricks, tires, and metal parts so they won’t kill me.

The missions were to find the control center, take on the battle, get some survivors to the movie theater safe house, get in the battle, and the most challenging of all, Skynet! As I would take on the plasma gun turrets, ariel Hunter Killers, and some T-600’s while entering, I would take the big guns, take on every single Terminator there is, and place three explosive charges throughout the base to destroy Skynet. Finally, take on a Harvester as you aim for the circles to destroy it. That would only happen on Mission 2 on the last level on number 4. But if you just do mission 2, they take you back to Mission 1 and start all over again.

As I went from one to two, it was important to stay alive and never let any Terminator get me in that game or it’s game over. Like “Hero’s Duty”, it reminds me of that game. And in the end after playing that game, I was a true resistance fighter, as it showed the same ending from the “Terminator Salvation” movie, as I was on the scoreboard. OPK. Number 9 on that list! I am known to be one thing, Born to Kill! Just like “Full Metal Jacket”.

There are two modes in which I know of that game. One which is in assault rifle mode in which it’s attached by cords to the rifles as you don’t want to get too close to the screen. The one I did to beat the game was in a M14A pulse rifle mode! It was the same weapon from “Aliens”! And while playing the game, there are power ups that you can use. Mini gun, shotgun, and grenades, in which you use the grenade launcher to do that.

It was a game I beat, I am number 9 on that scoreboard list, as I am born to kill!


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