Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles (2014 movie)

Produced by Michael Bay in graphics, and since the three original movies, this becomes way more intense as it shows that and mayhem to what the turtles and villains have done. The only people I recognized in this movie are Megan Fox since her arrest as the news reporter, Whoopi Goldberg as the news boss, and Will Arnett as a news cameraman.

In the streets of New York City, green ooze was created by a scientist in a secret lab. And by using four baby turtles and a rat, as test subjects, it made them stronger. However when it came to a unfortunate event, the lab was destroyed by a fire. By an enemy known as Shredder.

After the turtles and rat escape, the mutation from the ooze change them. They grew a bit bigger, as the rat became intelligent. His name was Splinter, as he raised the four baby turtles like how a father should be. He in fact, gave them names. Donatello, Raphael, Leonardo, and Michelangelo. And for their entire lives, they lived in the sewers and never looked upon the surface world. By the time they were doing martial arts, they grew interested on it.

Many years later, Shredder became serious as he wanted the turtles to be destroyed. Before he and his team could use the ooze on New York City. With the help of that news lady and his partner, they had to face Shredder in a showdown.

And to come to the way Shredder was, he was shiny all over, as he had knives and blades. Lots of knives and blades. They were all magnetic. But what came to the best of the turtles was how they have a van, with a rocket launcher on top. So I’d say for this movie, totally intense but 7/10 stars!

The next one soon, will have Casey Jones. That hockey vigilante guy.

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