RUSH movie- a true story

Based on a true story in the 70’s, this tells two rivalry racers and one deadly accident. In the 70’s that was popular, racing was a smash hit throughout the globe. East, West, North and South. And a popular racer was at it’s title played by Chris Hemsworth. He plays that famous British racer, James Hunt as there was Daniel Bruhl who plays as that rival racer against him, Niki Lauda. An Austrian racer who wants to be popular like James Hunt.

Both racers want to be either the ultimate winner throughout the 70’s. So competing against each other, they went furious and fast throughout the racers. That was when it lead to, the bad accident that ever happened in racing. August 1975, somewhere in Germany when it was raining, Niki went out of control racing when his car crashed and was burning in flames. He was burned to his body as he was rushed to the hospital. For months and weeks, he had third degree burns from head to face as his lungs were burned.

He lost his eyebrows and left ear as he only had bits of it. He had some hair, but his face and busy were burned and bloody. It was hurtful for him to put on his helmet because his head was in pain. When his lungs were burned and infected, the surgeons had to use a pipe down his throat and suck out the gunk from his lungs. This hurts a lot when this does!

Back in the racing, Niki felt different when he was back to race again. When they wore white hooded masks under their helmets, Niki’s had two eye holes that when you see him like that, he’s like a ghost from the undead. In the final race, set foot in Japan, things changed between Niki and James. Niki stopped racing during this as James became popular after this. Both rival racers were now friends as they see together much often.

Footage was from the true story even during the accident and in the end of the movie. On how these rival racers became friends after that nasty accident. Niki narrated in the end, that he felt very, very sorry for James Hunt when he died of a heart attack in 1991. He was a rival he hated, but a friend to him after that.

When Ron Howard directed this movie, three famous guys were at the world premiere. Chris Hemsworth, Daniel Bruhl, and the real Niki Lauda himself! He was an old man when he came to that premiere as he loved it to remember those days in the past. James Hunt would be in heaven watching this, as this was the true story.

6/10 stars for this! It maybe harsh on some scenes, but it was painful to see how they took out gunk from his lungs! But on the other hand, Daniel did looked like a young Niki after the accident.
Very good looking!

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