Rio 2

Since the first movie came out, then came the second that was much better I think.

With our cast from the original movie, Jesse Eisenberg plays Blu, as Jewel is played by Anne Hathaway, George Lopez as Rafael, Jamie Foxx and as Nico and Pedro, Tracey Morgan as the bulldog Luiz, and Jemaine Clement as Nigel, that no good Cockatoo, this is about to change as they are taken on the Amazon rainforest.

Since those blue parrot birds are in love as they had three children, Rio de Janeiro was all that they ever wanted when their human friends have found out that there could be more in the Amazon rainforest. So with a quest to head onto the Amazon, they fly north as their bulldog friend will catch up to them as he was last seen in the end when he arrived. Meanwhile, that cockatoo foe since the first movie, befriended with an anteater and a toxic frog as he wanted revenge on those birds. Since his owner and two partners went to jail for good, and after getting hit by a propeller engine, he couldn’t fly anymore. That was why he went after them along with his friends.

Getting lost in the Amazon, and finding a different way for our foe, our birds head onto the rainforest as they made it. While there is that, a logging company is onto cutting down many trees in the Amazon rainforest. That was when our human friends wanted to stop this, but they were going the wrong way on that for what I saw, when I saw this on DVD and gave this a try.

Our bird friends found more blue birds like them, as one was a long lost father of Jewel! He was played by Andy Garcia as that Cuban actor was that Italian inspector in the “Pink Panther 2” movie, and was leader of the Dream Team. As that bird, their children called him “Grandpa” as Blu would only call him “sir”. Finally there was a handsome boyfriend blue bird she had ever had before she met Blu. His name was Roberto as he was played by Bruno Mars.

Between him and Blu, Blu is a coward on the outside but a hero on the inside. Roberto like Blu looks like a hero on the outside but does get afraid when he runs into trouble.

While these blue macaws get along with each other, singing, dancing and many more, they try to deal with red parrot birds as they found out about the logging company. With making a last stand and saving their human friends, along with allies, they take on the company and save their friends when that cockatoo foe like a phantom tries to get Blu. Unfortunately, with a pack a dynamite together, that cockatoo was defeated as that toxic frog loved him so much, that scene was like a “Romeo and Juliet” where they would die in tragedy. But the the truth was, she wasn’t a toxic frog after all. She was just a violet magenta regular frog. Their anteater friend decided to live out on his own as that frog and cockatoo were taken into custody by their two human friends.

With a celebration at night, and our bulldog made it, they decide to like it here. They will visit Rio again some of the time. Maybe in the winter.

The first movie I rate is 1/10 because it’s not so good. Good in some scenes but not so much. This one us a 3/10, plus a lullaby song that Jewel did to sing to their kids to make them sleep happily at night. We do care about the rainforest and many bird species, just be careful about the Amazon. It may have it’s magnificent animals and birds, but they do have those killer Brazilian fire ants in those mounds. Like termite mounds. Only one man did went through that along with others, and let’s just say it was Steven Spielberg’s classic adventure character since the 80’s until 2008. Harrison Ford as Indiana Jones in “Indiana Jones and the Kingdom of the Crystal Skull”.

It’s just those adventure movies that had ever filmed in the Amazon with some graphics, sword fighting, swinging with monkeys and car chasing, as Indiana Jones went through those. But hey, it’s adventure movies to ya.

(Indiana Jones theme plays)

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