This Is The End

You all know apocalypse movies such as “Zombieland”, “Walking Dead”, “Chicken Little”, “The Omega Man”, “I Am Legend”, and etc. But this is a comedic one where actors play as themselves!

Starring Seth Rogen, Jay Baruchel, James Franco, Jonah Hill, Craig Robinson, Danny McBride, Emma Watson, and Michael Cera, they are in what people call ‘a world of shit’ as they try to survive. In one night that happened at James Franco’s house party, L.A. is in flames ans terrro as people are running around crazy for whats going on. In fact, Michael Cera gets drunk as he gets stabbed and killed by a lamppost as it creates a big hole as people start to fall in and die in the lava. Meanwhile, blue lights from heaven take people to save them as the rest start to die.

Seth, Jay, Jonah, James, and Craig were still alive as they held James Franco’s house as a fortress. Even when they had enough food and rations. Danny McBride was alive and was passed out in his house as they had one more member to their team.

Emma Watson with an ax did still stole some stuff from them as she went crazy. Good thing she learned a lesson in that bad movie with Russell Crowe, and Logan Lerman. “Noah”. Even worse, after Danny McBride left, Jonah was possessed as there were demons outside! Fast!

The funny scene was that they do “The Exorcism of Jonah Hill”. After setting him on fire, and destroying everything in the house, the house collapsed on him and died. With Danny McBride and Channing Tatum as cannibals, and more demons there is, Craig, Jay and Seth made it to heaven as James Franco was eaten alive!

You should’ve seen heaven! It was just like what Fred Astaire thought of. A+ for this movie!

And related to this, is the ending scene of a Simpsons episode, “Simpsons Bible Stories”. To the way the apocalypse is, how the Flanders are sent into heaven, Lisa almost did, but were dragged to hell as the hit AC/DC plays “Highway to Hell”. Yep, you would love that band to play that song.

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