High Anxiety

Dedicated to Alfred Hitchcock and a spoof on his suspense horror movies, Mel Brooks does all those in this suspense movie. About a doc who has a phobia on heights, he goes into a mystery and madness as he tries to get rid of his phobia and tries to stay alive from murder. Also starring Harvey Korman, Ron Carey, Madeline Kahn, and Cloris Leachman as Nurse Charlotte Diesel.

Like “Psycho”, “The Birds”, and three or two more of Alfred’s movies, this is like his movies.

I just think Mel needed to face his fears. Later when it wasn’t heights that was his phobia, it was his parents that were mean to him! So he finally faced that. And throughout the movie, Harvey was like Norman Bates who follows his mother, that was like Norma Bates which was Nurse Diesel played by Cloris. She was like Norma as she died by falling out of a tower and into some rock pikes. Harvey was free from him, as he won’t be a psycho like Norman.

Madeline as that woman and Mel as the doc were married as there was Mel’s voice singing a song called “High Anxiety”. I just think this has 3 stars. Very good. I might try “Psycho” someday and maybe “The Birds”. Some of Alfred’s movies don’t make sense, but I think “Psycho” is getting to pretty good and I know why before I could see it. That 1960’s version, and maybe the 90’s version with Vince Vaughn!

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