Have you ever had much fun and excitement at a summer camp? Bill Murray plays this hit role of a camp counselor as he and CIT’s go into much trouble, fun and hilarious stuff as they spend the entire summer. They even make fun out of one who’s Morty but like to call him Mickey.

While kids are kids, boys want to sneak up on girls, Bill Murray loves women, and how they play games at rival camp, he even help out a shy boy who becomes a friend with him. They even play 21 together with peanuts on cards. And you should’ve seen him, Bill Murray doing burp talk! He was hilarious!

“Oh, really? Really?”

Also, two boys named Spaz and Fink get in trouble with girls as Fink’s fat pair of paints is on a flagpole as a flag! There is so much more I cannot tell! Just after they came back from a camping trip, it was time for the Olympiad. Between Camp North Star themselves against Camp Mohawk.

The worst thing is that they are cheaters. But luckily they do well. The funny scene that I loved, was that Fink was in a hot dog eating contest. Bill Murray was there to help him. It was known as “Fink VS The Stomach”. Luckily he won.

And finally that Camp North Star won the Olympiad, was the shy boy who ran the 4 mike run race as everyone loved him. He was known as Wudy the Wabbit. When I look at that race in that scene, I play the Lone Ranger theme on how this race goes.

Everyone had a great summer there, as the whole entire camp was closed at the end. They all left in the buses as Mickey was in his bed and stuff out in the lake. This movie was filmed somewhere in Ontario, Canada as there were some Canadian actors in this.

I give this 9/10 stars!

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