Dawn of the Planet of the Apes

Since “Rise of the Planet of the Apes” was a smash hit, then came this sequel on what ever happened. After I saw this in theaters, I give this 6/10.

When the virus struck all over the globe, and the people knew about these apes, the whole wide world was coming to an end and needed to regroup to make the Earth better again. As for the apes, lead by Caesar in the forest, they would hunt and make their world better as they would never talk about humans. Caesar is played by Andy Serkis.

The humans were frightened of these apes as they want to stay away from them. When a man named Malcolm played by Jason Clarke with some people they could trust, they need to get a dam working well again with hydroelectricity on the power they need in the city. The apes would accept that as they would never bring any weapons such as firearms to this. And they did.

When an ape named Koba goes nuts about the humans, he took refuge on the tribe as he lead the apes into battle. He was like Thade since 2001. As he almost killed Caesar as he took assault on the humans. Even Dreyfus played by Gary Oldman was scared of this.

As Malcolm and his friends helped him to his old home, he felt much better. Caesar even looked at an old camera that Dr. Wil Rodman had as he looked at a video to see how young he was. He was still played by James Franco, Dr. Wil Rodman was. Must be presumed dead or alive because of surviving away from the virus.

Regrouped with some apes that believe in him, Caesar and his friends fight against Koba as Caesar fought against him. There was a demolition blow up as Koba fell to the ground dead. A law was said in that movie from the original series was that “Ape shall never kill ape”. There were some by Koba as Caesar let him go as he fell. Koba died as a human alliance was coming to wipe out all things in San Francisco. As the humans fled, the apes trusted Caesar again as he was now still their leader.

This was an action intense movie. If only Mark Whalberg as Capt. Leo Davidson and James Franco as Dr. Wil Rodman could save the human race. And maybe the other two from the TV series of “Planet of the Apes”. Ron Harper as Col. Alan Virdon and James Naughton as Major Peter J. Burke. Who knows what the “Planet of the Apes” franchise could do next? Who knows?

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