Walking with Dinosaurs: The Movie

Since the hit documentary BBC series, and made it’s final episode to civilization, to where we live today, they made a 3D worldwide movie based on that with new dinosaurs! New ones that we never heard of.

This begins when a teenage boy and his little sister are with their uncle which is a paleontologist, as they travel to Alaska. Not where the snow is, but in the green lands were they do a dig site together. With a tooth he found, a prehistoric bird played by John Leguizamo tells the prehistoric story.

About a triceratops like dinosaur that goes from underdog to hero on trying to protect the herd. He does fall in love with one, as his brother was jealous of him this whole time. That is how I really hate about that movie! That stupid brother of his. That bird maybe funny on sone funny parts on dinosaurs, but he did tell the story for sure.

Years went by, as that dinosaur, his girlfriend and selfish brother were all grown up. His brother was so selfish, he think’s he’s stupid, as he was leader of the herd. But when he was getting killed by some killer raptors, he saved him along with his girlfriend. And by deserving a roar for his brother, he was a jerk after all. He owes the clan big time as he deserves on that.

As he and his girlfriend mated and had eggs with newborns, this story ended as we all know how they got extinct. The meteor smashing into the Earth somewhere in Mexico, wiping all life on Earth, as this began with the prehistoric beasts.

In fact, where some of the dinosaurs were in thar time, they were close to Edmonton, Alberta! As for the cast, Justin Long plays the underdog hero dinosaur, as his girlfriend was played by Tiya Sircar. And for the modern day humans, the uncle played by Karl Uban, the new Leonard McCoy in “Star Trek” and Charlie Rowe in the TV movie, “Neverland”. He was the new Peter Pan when my dad and I watched this movie.

I maybe like Eddie Bracken as Mr. Roy Walley from “National Lampoon’s Vacation” reporting this, but as a film critic, I give this 5/10 stars. A straight “B”. For charges to place on, it would be that actor who plays the selfish dinosaur brother. For the rest, nah I don’t think so.

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