Vegas Vacation

Since the Griswold’s conquered across America, Europe and stayed in good old Chicago for the Christmas holidays, this time they conquered the city of lights! Las Vegas! My old home. This movie was filmed in 1997 when I was two years old as a young Canadian. This was also the fourth and final installment to the National Lampoon Vacation film franchise. The Griswold’s have changed. Rusty and Audrey are all grown up, as Chevy Chase and Beverly D’Angelo as Clark and Ellen Griswold were getting old. This was their last chance to do this, in which they did.

The movie begins when their last vacation begins. The kids and almost everyone doesn’t want to go, but were very surprised to be ever when they made it there. And yet, they did took a plane there instead of driving. When they got there, their Cousin Eddie and the rest were there and happy to see them! They even took a visit there, in the middle of the desert. The one thing that was totally but extremely hot, was that they BBQ their chicken on a hot rock.

You see, when it’s summer in Las Vegas, it’s extremely hot, you’ll be sweating like a pig. But more important, so hot you don’t wanna sit on a rock or a lid of a car. They even cook their food such as fried eggs on a car lid that can be done in seconds. It can be regular in Vegas when it’s winter.

What was really majestic and made me deep in my heart, was Siegfried and Roy. Two German lion tamers. But that’s not all, Clark Griswold was with them on stage with white snow Siberian tigers! A whole flock of them! My mother once said that when she was there still pregnant, the months before I was born, she received a plush white tiger. She gave it to me on the day I was born. I loved it from that moment forward. I felt like I was raised by white Siberian tigers to be like a hunter like Claire Danes when she played Princess Mononoke.

And so on this movie, Rusty was a lucky winner when he won many prizes before he could be 21 years old, as Ellen was in sight with Wayne Newton, as Clark was in a gambling game with a gambler instructor played by Wallace Shawn.

All was in luck, as they realize they were all broke. No money in their bank accounts! They had enough luck when they won a game, as they held their anniversary for Ellen and Clark.

This movie ends it all when they ride in four cars Rusty won, all the way home back to Chicago. It was going to be a long trip for them. As of what I saw, two years since I was born, I now give this, 3 1/2 stars!

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