National Lampoon’s European Vacation

Chevy Chase as Clark Griswold is back again, and this time, he and his entire family won a TV show prize for a European vacation!

In a TV show they were in called “Pig in a Poke”, they beat champion family team as they were the grand prize winners. And for a reward, they get to go on a vacation to all of Europe! England, France, Germany, and Italy. Their kids didn’t want to go, but mostly it was their daughter, Audrey.

She thought the food was full of fats there. Rusty didn’t mind. He just might give it a try maybe. So the whole family went there, after they had one last BBQ dinner in Chicago. They had dreams on the way there. The best one was Rusty’s since the song played “Heat is on” by the Power Station.

That band was last seen as THE power station in that Family Guy Star Wars spoof. “It’s A Trap!”.
The worst ones were Ellen’s, Audrey’s, and Clark’s when he dreamed of a spoof of “The Sound of Music”. They had a splendid time in London, just had a little trouble there. Even at their hotel, the TV channels nothing but a cheese factory as phone calls are expensive. The cool and funny scene was that when they were in Stonehenge, they finally knocked it down! I wish to see no more of that, unless we need to know and find out, who build them there.

In France, was boring for their kids, and how they lost a few things there. Audrey still wanted to go home, as she missed her boyfriend. They bought many things there that made them happy, as they went onto Germany.

Germany was the worst part because Clark thought he had relatives there, but he didn’t. They stopped by a strangers house, thinking it was them. That was how I hate it. Finally at last, they went on a train as their last stop was Italy.

While in Italy, after being bored and tired, Ellen was captured by a thief as Clark rescued her. That was an amazing scene as they fell in a fountain. The only weapon that was ever used in that movie was a Walther P-38 by that thief. At last, the best part of their trip was going home. While over New York City, Clark was accidentally in the pilots seat controls as they knocked over the torch upside down. That was comedy to hear someone say…

“Yep, the Griswold’s are back”

And the cool part, and awesome of all the comedy movie’s is the end credits on all of America as the band plays “Back in America”! There was Smokey Bear, Christopher Reeve as Superman, Pale Rider played by Clint Eastwood, MTV, Bugs Bunny, Uncle Sam, National Lampoon magazines such as a dog looking at someone with a revolver, and a splendid scene from the movie, “Yankee Doodle Dandy”

Besides Chevy Chase, you know Beverly D’Angelo, and Anthony Michael Hall. But also, there is Eric Idle as a bike rider, and the thief played by Victor Lanoux. Great cast.

Three stars for this movie!

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