Transformers: Dark of the Moon

When they were making this third installment, Megan Fox got arrested for stealing drugs as she didn’t make the parole of this third movie. So another actress played a new girlfriend to Shia LaBeouf. Rosie Huntington Whiteley.

So there is her, Shia, Tyrese Gibson, Josh Duhamel, Kevin Dunn, Buzz Aldrin as himself, John Turturro, and Alan Tudyk.

In the final days of Cybertron in the war, a spacecraft called the Ark was off course as it crash landed on the moon close to Earth. That was when this was radar detected and was reported to JFK. They thought in this time period of the Space Race, that the Russians were beating America to the moon. That was when U.S. President Kennedy declared the Apollo 11 mission to the moon.

Buzz Aldrin and Neil Armstrong were totally shocked when they looked at the spacecraft. They said “My god” frightfully as they really believe that Earth was not alone in the universe at all. All three astronauts kept this top secret when they made it back to Earth. But only the Autobots would know about this.

Years went by, until in a new dawn in a new life, Sam and his new girlfriend were in a apartment as they have two little Autobot friends with them. While Sam and Carly (which is her name in this), find jobs, Bumblebee is with the Autobots protecting the Earth at all costs as they have new Autobots (since the second movie). When they were all in Russia and came back to Washington DC, there was a piece they found in Russia which was a piece of the spacecraft that crash landed on the moon and was discovered by the Apollo 11 team. The leader on that ship was Sentinel Prime, played by Leonard Nimoy.

Blasted off to the moon, finding the Ark, and taking home some pillars and Sentinel, Optimus Prime activated him and came back to life. What about our boy hero, Sam? He found a job for sure when he was delivering some mail to workers on a floor. There was on Asian worker who wanted to catch him and was out of his mind. He wasn’t doing that for himself, but a cyborg terror bird! He was killed by falling out the window for him.

After assassinations, mayhem, chaos, Sam with his Autobot friends again, and Sentinel Prime getting a new look on himself, Megatron was on the move as he, his Igor sidekick, and his faithful side in command Star-scream were making plans to annihilate on Earth. In a furious fight between the Autobots and new Decepticons, Sentinel Prime turned against the Autobots by killing Ironhide!

He stole the pillars he kept with, and almost killed every human in their war base in Washington DC!! As Sentinel was with Megatron, and his two sidekicks, Sentinel was activating the pillars as Megatron finally destroyed the Lincoln Memorial! By blasting the statue, the chair was now his as his Igor sidekick was eating the head of Abraham Lincoln. That is what I like about this movie!
That since the ape version of that in 2001 Tim Burton movie of “Planet of the Apes”!!!

Sentinel activated them as there was so much killer cyborgs from the moon as they were teleported from there, to Earth on Washington DC. They annihilated the Earth as they destroyed Washington DC as they headed towards Chicago.

A whole warfare was on in the battle of Chicago as the humans made a last stand. With the Autobots on their side and trying to save the world, it was a fight for the Earth on that, for Chicago and those cyborg warships that came from outer space!!

Star-scream was killed for good since the first movie, and how there was sky diving with special equipment and suits by the U.S. military. Lt. Colonel William Lennox played by Josh Duhamel made a awesome scene with a few members in movie history. This showed like the future of tomorrow on this. Before the ending of this third installment, Sentinel Prime and Megatron were killed for good, as Optimus Prime did lose an arm. It was all that matters since the dark side of the Moon.

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