“The Tirds”

What I see on the back side of sweaters in the movie “Grease”, is the word “The T Birds”. I know it’s classic 50’s, but to tell you the truth, there was the same sweater in a cartoon short.

In a short cartoon series to a short cartoon called “A Wolf in Geeks Clothing”, it talked about hairy teenager who’s so hairy, they call him a hairy loser. Even everyone at his high school tease him and look at him. Except his weird friend and a popular girl.

He went home miserable and wanted to know why he was like this. His parents wouldn’t say a word about him. He was in bed with the window curtains open and the moon full, he became so hairy even more, he was a werewolf. And with that in one night, he took revenge on the three bullies that picked on him. After scratching some letters on “The T Birds” and calling it, “The Tirds”, he gave all three wedgie’s, roared, and ran off as they spilled milk on the ground when they were drinking. He even taught his weird friend a lesson by saying that she’s annoying, boring and creepy. One of the side of her glasses shattered as she said, “Whoa”.

In the last scene of this cartoon, he as a werewolf became a pet to that popular girl at high school as they were together like this while watching TV. His parents would thought how worried they are, that they need to find him. And that was the end of this cartoon.

So the word, “The T Birds” can be now called “The Tirds” which is funny because let’s say a wolf in geeks clothing changed that.



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