Dude, Where’s My Car?

This was my first hangover movie before the “Hangover” movie series. Starring Ashton Kutcher and Sean William Scott, these two have no memory for what happened yesterday as they need to know how they did it.

The only problem was the trouble. There was a voice over lady that keeps saying “And then…” at a fast food joint, two men dressed up as women that need their money back, two of their girlfriends asking them to clean up their house, so much pudding they had in their house, a crazy ostrich that stole their car, and how a group of scientists and themselves saved the universe. There were the two alien men that gave them the hangover, as they were into trouble by a 50ft alien sexy lady!

This movie contains nudity, sexuality, big breasts even in enhancements, and some funny words those boys say before getting their memories erased. And the next day, after finding their car, things back to normal and received gifts from the two men aliens that want to thank them for saving the universe. There was something like that in the end their girlfriends got, even no matter what you see.

I can’t rate this movie yet, but it does seem a bit hilarious.

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