Like “Full Metal Jacket” but a comedy, Bill Murray, Harold Ramis, John Candy and Judge Reinhold joined the army as they, and a few more others have a little fun and adventure when they are plunged into army camp, graduation and a secret mission in Italy close to Russia!

After Bill Murray as a taxi driver lost everything, such as his car, girlfriend and is losing everything in his apartment, he and a friend joined the U.S. Army as they need to know what’s it like to become U.S. soldiers. The same for Judge and Candy. As they worked out hard, and when their drill Instructor got injured during training because of a mortar shell, they hanged out at a mud wrestling joint as they got trained for their graduation by themselves. As they did a splendid performance at graduation, the colonel wanted them to go on a mission to bring in a special vehicle. As they rescued some friends and made it back, they became real heroes as they were in each magazines! As for the captain and D.I., he was sent ti the Arctic as the D.I. retired.

The good part of this movie is the wrestling, and how they sang a song that was funny. 8/10 stars for this!

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