Escape from the Planet of the Apes

Since the monkey planet was destroyed, and there was nothing out there, the makers did a good job. But when more ideas came up, that was when this happened. It was 1973 on Earth when the spaceship of Charlton Heston was floating on water off the coast of L.A. And three chimps survived! They stole the spacecraft as they time travelled to Earth at this time and area. Roddy McDowall plays as Cornelius as Kim Hunter plays Zira, her wife. The three chimps were in a zoo, as the third male one was strangled to death by a sick gorilla.

When all of the U.S. and scientist found out about the way they talk, they were betting more concerned when Zira became pregnant. A man who was meant for the space program named Dr. Otto Hasslein was concerned about this so much, he believed that the future could happen! So with the two into custody, and people should never say the word, “monkey”, they escaped.

At a circus owned by Armando played by Ricardo Montalban, Zira gives birth to a son as they escaped more. With the help of two scientists, one played by Natalie Trundy, they headed for a abandon harbor as they were being hunted down. They were all shot as they never made it.

In the end it was time for the circus to leave, the son of that was still alive as he never liked the name, “little Milo”. Instead, he was called, “Caesar”.

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