Conquest of the Planet of the Apes

Since those two chimps escaped with their newborn son, and died in a harbor, the son survived as he leads revolution. In a dystopian future, after a virus struck, all the animals of the world died off as apes were the only animals left on the planet. In a big city in North America, in the year 1991, apes were first pampered as pets, second are abused as servants, until they were all oppressed as slaves.

With Roddy as Caesar, after Armando got arrested, he was on his own as he was one of the apes in the city. With chimps in dark green clothes, gorillas in red clothes, and orangutans in yellow clothes, they are on human skills as they need to obey masters.

Unfortunately, Armando fell out of a window and fell to death. This made Caesar very sad, and very angry. Until day by day, he starts making an alliance. Chimps, gorillas and rarely some orangutans started to agree with him. They stole supplies for what they need, never obeyed some of their masters, secretly understand Caesar very well, as the night of a revolution came!

After attacking the humans at a main building, the civilians were sent into their apartments to stay there and lock their doors. Only a SWAT soldier Thought Police like squad and other soldiers and guards were formed up to stop the apes. After killing one, one by one in a single firefight and there were so many apes, they had their last stand. Apes were armed, dangerous, were so many as they got wiped out in a single firefight. With a special speech, Natalie Trundy as a chimp named Lisa spoke “No” for the first time. As the apes were free, they now have seen the birth of a new world to the planet of the apes! They cheered like apes as they thanked Caesar for that while buildings were burned to the ground.

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