Battle for the Planet of the Apes

In the final chapter of the original saga, Roddy McDowall as Caesar owns a ape city in a forest as they live in peace with humans. The gorillas can get a little grumpy, but the orangutans are wise and smart in other things in science. Starring him, Natalie Trundy, John Huston as a Lawgiver, Claude Akins as Aldo, Paul Williams as Virgil, and Lew Ayres as Mandemus, they fight for freedom for what the planet will be for. Ape or man.

As Caesar found out the truth about his parents when he, Virgil and MacDonald went to the city in ruins, mutated humans who live underground like moles, battle the apes on who will be slave and who will be master. With the gorillas out of their minds on who will be in command, Aldo became so obsessed in this, that he hurt Caesars son, Cornelius. He died after that, as the battle began.

When the battle was over, they realize Aldo killed his son. The rule was ape should never kill ape at all. So all of the apes, were mad at him and Caesar too until….he feel out of a tree as Aldo was dead. They would never trust an gorilla general again.

So in the end, humans and apes live peacefully together as they lived in a bright and happy future, never than better.

So for the whole saga, on all five movies, as a report, “B+”.

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