John Kassir

I was a few years old when I heard his voice on my favorite TV show, “Tales from the Cryptkeeper” on Teletoon. I loved that guy as that cartoon character. Years after that, I found out that he played a real crypt keeper in “Bordello of Blood” along with a mummy and Corey Feldman!! He was pretty good in both versions. Live and animated.

He also played a small headed giant in “Jack the Giant Slayer”, he was on “The Amanda Show”, as he was Meeko the racoon in “Pocahontas”. I didn’t know that until now.

Since he beated Michael Winslow to become the voice of the Crypt Keeper, and played a character in “The Smurfs”, I prefer if he was the real Cryptkeeper in town! And when I think of him, you can almost hear him laughing as the actual Cryptkeeper telling stories.

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