Shining Time Station

I was a 1# Thomas the Tank Engine fan back then when I started growing up and watching PBS Kids. This show came out as a hit, when Ringo Starr and George Carlin were in it.

A small town in a happy land where a train station can be worked up, polished and good as new. And the people there learn an important lesson. Even when kids listen to a small conductor man who tells the Thomas the Tank Engine stories and episodes.

In the first season, Ringo Starr did terrific as George Carlin took his place in Season 2 and 3.

We do miss Ringo Starr as long as George did good in some of the episodes. The best part that this was on YTV!! I used to love that until now. And they did had an anniversary of that a few months ago. YTV maybe a part of Nickelodeon now, but I prefer the best on anime TV shows even at night.

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