Grave of the Fireflies


In this Studio Ghibli movie, before Hayao Miyazaki, this is one of the WWII movies we see today. On the U.S. against Japan in the Pacific except more different. Survival in Japan in the final days of WWII. That’s what this is about. As it takes place in Kobe, Japan.

After a 14 year old boy and his 4 year old sister, lost their mother in the firebombing of Kobe, and their father lost at sea later, they try to live with their aunt hopefully as they remembered for what they had in the past. This does show sadness, as they missed their mother and anyone they ever knew. When things weren’t going out with their aunt, they decided to live on their own, as they live in a abandon bomb shelter.

Some people who are wealthy in Kobe, are still going to school and work these days, and sometimes have to avoid death when US planes attack.

When the 4 year old girl got sick and was dying, her brother couldn’t know what to do. He tried to steal food and goods, when they were air raids and fighter plane attacks. But has luckily survived. However later, when the news spread about the surrender of WWII in Japan, the war ended. As US General Douglas MacArthur did his famous speech, to the people of the world across the entire planet. Even in the live action movie, when he was played by Gregory Peck in 1977.

After all of nothing, she died of starvation. He placed her body in a straw basket, as he cremated her. The next day, he placed some of her ashes in a candy tin. After climbing down the hill, he never went back to the shelter. I wasn’t sure for what he did for the next few days, but did died of starvation in a nearby train station. The candy tin was thrown in a field of fireflies, as their spirits within going to heaven, would watch the modern day city of Kobe. Then they would meet their mother in heaven.

For what I rate on this remarkable, but very sad story, 10/10 stars. Really good. That I am more proud of. And it does show how fireflies can be at night when you look at them. There were so many of them, there must’ve been thousands of fireflies in the fields of Kobe, Japan. In this Studio Ghibli movie, as one of their very firsts. Thanks to that, on how they did this. The fireflies in this, can glow at night even brighter.

Like what I said, I give this 10/10 stars. And a “A++”.

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