Godzilla 2014

This version is better than the Matthew Broderick version! The old version is still good, but this one is way more often. With two actors I know, Aaron Taylor Johnson and Bryan Cranston, they take on the king if the monsters and two more creatures on whatever was happening from beneath the Earth.

Two more creatures are almost like kaiju’s. One can fly, and another can walk and lay eggs. They are 500ft high, and they only eat nuclear waste and chemicals. Godzilla’s the same thing, except than the American type version, he’s more of the Japan version like what we wanted for a long time.

In the beginning, the father played by Bryan did went out of his mind when there was something out there that killed his wife and the boys mother, until he died on a battleship. The boy did grew up as he joined one of the U.S. military’s. Wife, little boy, he was considering those facts to go back to very carefully.

I wouldn’t say any more since I don’t want to spoil, so maybe if you found that out for yourself, you would see like the version with Matthew Broderick.

For this movie, 8/10 stars, since the father did went out of his mind, and how it was awesome to see for what Godzilla did. You can find that out for yourself.

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