The Little Engine That Could- 1991

In 2011, when the most famous children’s story came out on DVD, it was the story by Watty Piper. “The Little Engine That Could”. But I never liked that version. The version I watched when I was starting to know was a 1991 version of ‘The Little Engine That Could’. I remember it when I used to live on Reid Avenue in Ottawa.

It was the mostly like the book I read, as the classic blue engine was like the one in the book! The one in the 2011 version was like one of the talking trains in “Chuggington”.

Even when I first loved trains, I still remembered much media in the past that I watched while growing up. Even when I show things like this today. And so on, I think a version like this, would be more specific to anyone that understands the story.

And the song, “Nothing Can Stop Us Now” was a good song. On YouTube, people would make a Thomas the Tank Engine parody of it, the whole thing. And if they make a video movie special on YouTube such as “The Eds Adventures of The Lorax”, they would have the Eds, Little Bear, Tillie and the whole train of it, some pals from Thomas the Tank Engine, and maybe some Pokémon and the colonists from ‘Pocahontas’!

This half an hour movie is classic like the story, but more better than the 2011 version. But it was cool on the voices. Patrick Warburton was a caboose, Whoopi Goldberg as a tower, and Jamie Lee Curtis as a clown.

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