Richard Scarry

When I was growing up back on Reid Avenue in Ottawa, I remember watching videotapes of “The Busy World of Richard Scarry”. Learning videos and videos from the hit TV series that used to be back then. I remember when they were all cute animals very well, back when the year 2000 came out and much media came out everywhere. And after watching a quick clip of an episode on TV, we decided to move on after we moved up into Kingsmere.

After one more episode on TV, I did start dreaming about that episode that they were stuck on a school bus in a snowstorm. And one person was trying to get them out of there. But with less strength and couldn’t get them outta there, Peter Sam from ‘Thomas the Tank Engine’ would help that person and both would save the day. But after getting them out, Peter Sam would realize that he lost his funnel! Broke off because of an icicle. He’d be happy again as they gave him his special funnel. And he’d be chugging all day in Busytown.

I’ve had a lot of dreaming of that and thought about Richard Scarry’s work. Even when I think about it when I watched “Bear In the Big Blue House”. Those animals and friends that I ever had back then, are the ones I will remember as TV friends.

Thank you guys, and Richard Scarry!

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